Let’s talk about grubs as they pertain to lawns. “White” grub activity is a legitimate concern for those who want to protect their lawn during the summer. These pests feed on grass roots and can wipe out an entire lawn. It has been our experience that 25% of lawns will experience some level of grub activity if there are no grub controls in place. Activity can range from a few patches to the entire lawn. The optimists are saying “I have a 75% chance of being safe from grubs with no damage this year”. The realists are saying “Odds are I’m going to get some damage eventually if I don’t have grub protection”. Grub protection is a one time application that costs 20% more than a normal fertilizer. If you are interested in my professional advice it is simply this; “You are reading this blog because you care about your lawn, it is a worthwhile investment to protect it from this peril”.

When to apply grub control