lawn damaged by cinch bugs
cinch bug map


Many common lawn damaging insects can rapidly overtake your grass and other plants, causing significant damage to your lawn and making it much harder to maintain. Understanding the lawn damaging insects in your area that pose a threat to your lawn helps you better care for and invest in your lawn. This knowledge can save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.
Green side Up’s surface insect control application will keep the bugs at bay. Our experts will quickly identify the insect and determine the best insect control method.

Below are three different ways insects can cause turf damage and examples of insects responsible:

  1. Root Feeding
    • White grubs, a general name
    • Weevil larvae
  2. Blade-Defoliation
    • Sod Webworm moth larvae
    • Cutworm moth larvae
    • Armyworm moth larvae
    • Fall armyworm larvae
  3. Blade-Sucking
    • Leafhopper adults and nymphs
    • Aphid adults and nymphs
    • Chinch bugs adults and nymphs
    • False chinch bug adults and larvae

Please contact our office if you have any brown areas or if you would like to prevent these pests from penetrating your lawn

Sod webworm picture
insect damage to lawn